web / branding / print

The artists of Lokah approached us to design and develop the branding and website for their album, The Ivy Ceiling, featuring Sting and Russell Simmons.


Lokah's music blends Sanskrit mantras and highly textured beats in a cross-cultural expanse of sound. "The Ivy Ceiling" features the vocal styling of Sting on the track, "Ma Durga" and a soulful spoken word introduction by Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons. The purpose of the artwork was to convey a sense of unity with the world and oneness with humanity.


The Ivy Ceiling involved brand development as well as online and printed marketing material which subsequently led to the creation of the Lokah Music website. The single, entitled "Peace", consisted of story board sketches, location scouting, photo shoot and graphic design. The album artwork was later tied into the artists website.

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