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Hartfixr came to us with three goals, to create a brand identity, develop a site that served as an educational hub for heart related advice and to create a store that sold Hartfixr vitamins and other related products.


We realized that in order to get people interested in the products, the branding and the site would be the driving elements to achieve that goal. So our first task was to ensure that the identity of the company was established to make visitors feel comfortable. We took samples of some of their top competitors and designed a style board to see what elements worked on their target and what were compromising effective marketing.

Focus Group

We conducted a focus group analysis to establish a few of our theories based on our stakeholders discovery meeting. This study gave us insight on how how we could stand out. Our research showed that many people going to health related sites did so as a first step measure before seeking a doctors opinion. The majority of studies suggested that most users are looking for a brand that is antithetical in look and feel to that of a hospital but still had the authority and friendly connotations to that of their favorite compassionate family doctor.


After determining the look and feel for the brand, our next step was to design an interactive interface that would be efficient in providing a wealth of information utilizing several methods for users to receive the information they were looking for. We had to categorize medical terminology, videos, downloadable material and heart healthy recipes and then create a structure that was highly intuitive for efficient navigation to any particular feature from any page on the site.

The store was then created as a separate but direct extension of the main website. Customers could easily access the store from the sites menu and navigate back to the main site from the store. In addition to the store's link in the menu of the main site, we also highlighted products within the store on the homepage. Hartfixr customers now had a destination for learning about about how to obtain a heart healthy lifestyle and could now access to the tools to put their knowledge into practice.

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